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Louis Kraml and Bingham Memorial

Louis Kraml is the administrator of Bingham Memorial Hospital, a critical access hospital in Blackfoot, Idaho. The hospital management team led by Mr. Kraml is focused on providing high quality medical services to people in the south east Idaho region.

Economic Impact Study

In January of 2012, the hospital commissioned an independent study to determine the economic impact that the hospital has in the surrounding area: Bingham, Bonneville and Bannock counties. Dr. Richard Gardner, Ph.D. of Boot Strap Solutions coordinated the study in collaboration with Thomas Harris, Ph.D. at the University of Nevada – Reno.

Louis Kraml

Louis Kraml

The study concluded that Bingham Memorial Hospital, administered by Mr. Kraml,  brought more than $550 million to the region between 1999 and 2011. “We are proud of the services and employment Bingham Memorial Hospital is able to offer the residents of east Idaho,” said Mr. Kraml. “Our world-class physicians, state-of-the-art facilities and devoted team at Bingham allow us to deliver outstanding healthcare and services. I am grateful the hospital is a strong economic driver providing benefits to our local counties during these tough economic times.”

The study demonstrated that in 2011 alone, Bingham Memorial Hospital provided 1,742 jobs and brought more than $89 million to the region. Bingham Memorial Hospital is the fifth largest employer in the area of Bingham County, and its number of employees has grown in the past ten years from 274 to over 500. More than 150 providers contract with Bingham Memorial with more than thirty physicians on staff.

Additionally, Bingham Memorial has paid nearly $3 million to Bingham County since 2007, when it became a 501(c)3 organization.

The results of this study also demonstrated the impact of reinvesting the revenues into the facility. Being locally owned, Bingham Memorial Hospital has managed to leave a remarkable, positive footprint, influencing the lives of many for the better.

Diabetic Foot Screenings Clinic

In order to better serve the community, Mr. Kraml recently announced the opening of a new Diabetic Foot Screenings Clinic at Bingham Memorial Hospital. The clinic is dedicated to improving foot health for patients diagnosed with diabetes. The clinic began seeing patients in January 2013 with a goal of helping people monitor their foot health and avoid extreme or costly procedures. Diabetes is responsible for 80% of non-traumatic foot amputations every year, with the number of diagnoses on the rise over the last decade.

Bingham Memorial Hospital physicians recommend diabetic patients monitor their foot health with the same rigor they monitor blood sugar and eye health. Screenings include an initial appointment where the physician evaluates the patient’s foot health and then creates a plan to monitor for conditions that could arise including neuropathy, foot ulcers, peripheral vascular disease and calluses.

Shriner’s Orthopedic Screening Clinic

Twice a year, Bingham Memorial provides free orthopedic screenings for children in partnership with Shriner’s Hospital. Children that qualify are able to receive treatment at no cost through Shriner’s Salt Lake City facility.

Mr. Kraml said, “As a critical access hospital, our purpose is to help provide services that residents would not otherwise be able to receive. Many of the children that were screened at the clinic would not have had access to appropriate care otherwise. We are so pleased to partner with Shriners each year in bringing this free screening clinic to the families of east Idaho.”

Update: article updated to reflect Louis Kraml’s official statement found here.