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Detroit News

Two schools in New Jersey have recently complained that some of their students suffered side effects after drinking Marley’s Mellow Mood beverages. The drinks are produced by the Metro-Detroit based manufacturer. The company was built together with Bob Marley’s family, in an attempt to pay homage to their father.

The drinks are promoted as healthy and natural, containing melatonin, rose hips and valarian root. The combination is said to relax and relieve anxiety. Students that have drunk these beverages have complained of lethargy, headaches, nausea. The company’s representative declared that the company is sorry for the problems that have appeared, explaining that the drink is not for children but for adults only. Despite this in many stores in the US the beverages are sold with no limitation to the age of the clients.

The city of Detroit is said to have 40% of its surface unused or underused. For this reason the idea of having more dog parks does not seem like a SF project. Numerous citizens have declared they are afraid to walk their dog even if they are on leash as their neighborhoods are not safe enough. Things would completely change if more dog parks would be created so that dog owners could walk there their pets.

As the firefighters in Detroit were lacking some of their essentials, among them toilet paper, the call for support was welcomed by business men and simple locals. These days a truck filled with 70,000 rolls of toilet paper coming from Procter and Gamble was send to them. The same poor situation is to be found with some of the police stations in the city. It is not the only problem the firefighters had to face. Sometime ago they had to gather money and rent a toilet because the plumbing was not functional in their bathroom.

Recent statistics say that close to 50% of the kids in Detroit live in poverty and 50% of the adults living there are illiterate. The city which was once one of the greatest in the US has declined and is now deserted, a land of lawlessness and poverty. The same statistics say that the population has reached a historical minimum of 700,000 inhabitants. Detroit was once inhabited by more than 2 million people. Only 25% of the teenagers manage to finish high school education and numerous gangs control diverse areas of the city. 30,000 houses are vacant or in ruin in the former great city. In the better days 5,000 policemen were fighting to defend law and order. Now only 3,000 of them still do this more and more dangerous job. As a result normal families have started to buy guns in larger and larger numbers.