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Bingham Memorial Hospital: Serving the Idaho People Since 1950

Bingham Memorial Hospital is nowadays a successful medical center, but it has not been like this at the beginning. Back in 1950 the hospital consisted in only 60 beds. The hospital was raised by citizens of Bingham County, using the money provided by the Hill Burton Act. The cost was estimated at $537,000.

The architects created the first plans in 1927; after 23 years of money gathering and planning, the hospital finally became a reality, as it opened its doors in 1950. During its first years of existence, only several doctors were hired. At present, the doctor team is a lot larger, consisting of over 100 doctors and specialists.

After 20 years an intensive care unit was opened as well; it was redesigned and modernized 10 years later. Twenty beds were added through the creation of the Living Center. The cost was then estimated at almost 5 million dollars. Architects and design specialists were then consulted; a new physical therapy department was added to the hospital, together with a new building that began to be used by specialists working for the nuclear medicine department and the laboratory.

In 1993 the emergency unit was renovated and two years after that the obstetrical area was redesigned. A nursing home was built close to the hospital in 1964 and it provided 50 beds for older people. The financial investment was of about 400,000 dollars this time.

In 1996 the Living Center was replaced by Bingham Memorial Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center, which meant adding 70 new beds for the nursing home. In 1997 the nursing home was completely redesigned with an investment of about 3.5 million dollars. As a result of the investment, about 100,000 residents were able to benefit from the renovation and the professional care.

Louis Kraml became BMH’s CEO in 1999. Prior to that, he managed Hazel Hawkins, a hospital in California, for 9 years. More information about Mr. Kraml can be found on YouTube, LinkedIn and Twitter. Louis Kraml regularly posts medical articles on his personal website and on Bingham Memorial Hospital’s website. The board of directors also includes Alice Cannon – Chairman, Dr. Clark Allen – Vice Chairman, Wallace Driscoll – Treasurer, Joe Cannon – Secretary and Dr. Tom Call – Chief of Medical Staff.

In 2001 all the rooms used by patients were renovated, as well as the cafeteria and the corridors; in addition to that, a new lobby was added for the new patient registration. A rural clinic was also opened in 2001, as the hospital began to pay an even greater attention to the needs of the community it has been serving for so long.

In 2004 the hospital was granted Critical Access designation and two years later a dialysis center was opened. In 2007 Bingham Birthing Center was opened. Today Bingham Memorial Hospital and Skilled Nursing and Rehabilitation Center are non tax supported facilities.

Patients that come to Bingham Memorial Hospital can be treated in the 1st choice urgent care unit, at the Bingham Cardiology Clinic, Bingham Dermatology Center, at Bingham Diabetes Resource Center, at Bingham Memorial Family Medicine clinic.

There are also several other centers or clinic functioning under the management of Bingham Memorial Hospital. Among them there is Bingham Memorial Internal Medicine Team, Bingham Memorial Pediatric Medicine, Bingham Memorial Women ‘s health center, Blackfoot Orthopedic Center , Cedar Creek Family  Medicine center, Idaho Doctors’ Hospital, Idaho Neuroscience Center, Idaho kidney Center, Idaho Pain Group, Idaho Physicians Clinic, Bingham Memorial Surgical Team.

In the near future, Bingham Memorial will be hosting Gastric Banding Seminars. Several educational classes are organized under the management of Bingham Memorial Hospital. Among them there are Anger Management classes, Anger Management for kids and teens, College Massage therapy, Consequence of alcohol seminars, CPR in Spanish, Coping with loss as well as Divorce and Single Parenting.