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1. As people are continuously pursuing their happiness, it should surprise no one that several studies are conducted every year on this subject. In a recent such study in Australia, the specialists have concluded that a happy family is a key to a real happiness.

The results of the study have been published in the Journal of Happiness Studies. The people that have been interviewed were asked to imagine themselves being 85 years old, and to create a list with the most important 30 things they would consider to be good, important and necessary for a happy life. The interviewed people responded that gaining wisdom and having a moral life would belong to the top ten items in the list. These two things were considered to be more important than being treated with respect due to the age, for example.

kangaroo mothers2. It is so good to learn from the animals and a proof of that is the decision that Africa has made in this direction. Learning from the kangaroo mother that cares for her baby a lot, mothers on this continent are encouraged to have skin to skin contact with their preterm babies, in order to curb the high mortality rates that many countries have. Thus, mothers and their babies are encouraged to have skin contact; this way babies will have the chance to spend time not only in the incubator, but also close to their mothers’ heart.

3. Teens are positively influence by the good sleep they have during night. The study has demonstrated once again how vital sleep is for the general well being of the human body. First of all, sleep reduces stress and makes teenagers more productive. Harvard scientists have showed a year ago that sleep deprivation is strictly related to money loss when it comes to companies and businesses, due to the fact that the tired, sleep deprived employees are less productive. Persons that sleep a sufficient amount of hours smoke less, drink less alcohol, are sharper, healthier and calmer. Also, people that practice sports have better performances when they sleep enough.

4. Belgian scientists have demonstrated that due to the ban of smoking, fewer preterm births take place. In this country smoking is forbidden in the public places, and a strong link has been established between this decision and the small number of preterm births. The Belgian scientists have concluded that banning smoking was a decision that had a positive impact for the mothers.



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